Gears of War Birthday Cake [pic]

Generally speaking, I don’t usually cake for my birthday cakes to be to be bloody or have skulls on them but I think this cake might just be the exception to that.  The great looking Gears of War cake pictured below looks about perfect for any big Gears of War fan.  According to the description, it is a chocolate cake that took 16 hours to make!  As good as this looks, I’m not sure any cake is worth putting 16 hours of effort into when it is going to be eaten in a matter of minutes.  I also find it kind of odd that the cake would bleed when attacked by the lancer gun.  Dang, now I am in the mood for chocolate cake.

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Gears of War cake by whyteshadow
Gears of War cake by whyteshadow

[via DeviantART]

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