NES Game Cartridge Earrings [pic]

I’ve never had any desire to decorate my ears in any fashion but if I ever got hit in the head hard enough to change my mind about that, I would definitely go with these awesome NES game cartridge earrings.  This post is probably more for our female audience which makes up about half of the readers on Global Geek News.  For $20 on Lauren Swingle’s Etsy store, you can order these awesome NES game cartridge earrings!  The earrings are hand-made out of polymer clay for those that are curious.  Perhaps the best part is that you can specify the games you want when you check out!  At least you shouldn’t have to blow on these Nintendo games to make them work!

Pass this along to any Nintendo fans you know, especially if they wear earrings!  Like us on Facebook too!

NES Game Cartridge Earrings
NES Game Cartridge Earrings


[via GeekAlerts]



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