Epic Mario Kart Wedding Cake [pic]

It always brings a smile to my face when I can post a geeky cake on Global Geek News, especially when they look awesome.  Well, this cake…takes the cake when it comes to looking awesome.  This Mario Kart wedding cake is the best looking cake I think I have ever posted on here or at least it is in my opinion.  The detail on this cake is absolutely stunning and it truly looks too good to eat.  I find it kind of humorous that Mario has to stand on top of a question box to be able to kiss Princess Peach.  On the slim chance I ever get married, I want a cake that looks this awesome and hopefully tastes just as good!

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Mario Kart Wedding Cake
Mario Kart Wedding Cake

[Source:  M.A.L’s Flickr via FreeDating.co.uk]

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