Pac-Man ukulele (paculele) [pic + video]

Sadly, you don’t see too many geeky instruments for some reason.  Until now, I think the only really geeky musical instrument I have seen was the Millennium Falcon guitar that I posted a long time ago.  Well, I have finally found another geeky musical instrument.  This morning, I came across this awesome looking Pac-Man ukulele or the paculele as the creator calls it.  It would be cool enough with just Pac-Man on it but the ghost at the top is icing on the cake.  The best part is that this awesome Pac-Man ukulele can be yours for $600!  You can order this geeky Pac-Man ukulele from Etsy although it might take a little time for you to get it since they are made to order.  Below is a picture and some video of it being played in case you aren’t sold yet.

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Pac-Man Ukulele
Pac-Man Ukulele

[via So Geek Chic]



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