Best Age Verification Test Ever [pic]

Probably my biggest complaint about gaming websites is the age verification form that you have to get through to get to the game’s website.  First of all, any idiot can put some random birth year in the box and see the game’s website, it isn’t stopping anybody.  The worst part is having to enter it every time I go there.  This is my single biggest complaint about Steam.  For a service that has my credit card information and such stored, you would think they would be able to store my age and know if I am allowed to see the page for an M rated game.  Anyway, enough of that rant and on to the purpose of this post.

The makers of the awesome video game Crysis have come up with a slightly better form of age verification.  Any idiot can do the math and pick the right year to see the site but how many young people (who they are trying to keep out without parents permission) will have a clue what a VHS cassette tape is?   I’ve seen videos of kids that are clueless what floppy disks are, so making a person identify an old technology might be a pretty good way to keep the younger people out.  While this seems like a good idea, it makes me feel really old and I don’t care for that.  What is worse is that I still have big boxes with tons of VHS tapes in them.  Be kind!  Rewind!

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Crysis - Best age verification ever
Crysis – Best age verification ever


[via Geeks are Sexy]


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