World’s largest working NES controller [pic]

Electrical engineering students at TU Delft, a Dutch university have made the world’s largest working NES controller.  The massive controller pictured below is around 30 times the size of the controller we all know and love.  It measures approximately 12 feet by 5 feet and the buttons are so large that you need to stand on them to make them work!  Apparently there was no Guinness Book of World Records representative on hand to declare it a world record but I think if there was a larger controller, we would have known about it by now.  I’m not a big fan of getting my entire body involved to play a game like is required with the Kinect or Wii but I wouldn’t mind something like this.  It might make Super Mario Bros a little more challenging!

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World's largest working NES controller
World’s largest working NES controller


[via Kotaku]

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