Pizza Box Laptop [pic]

In the past, I have known of people that would carry their laptop around in a pizza box rather than a typical laptop case to help deter would-be thieves.  Considering how much many people of pizza, I wouldn’t think this would be the best thing to hide a laptop in which is why I never did that.  Well, somebody took the laptop in a pizza box idea to the next level and ripped out all the guts from his laptop and put them into a pizza box to essentially make a true pizza box laptop.  As ugly as this may look, I give it a thumbs up because a Little Caesars pizza box was used to make this little mod.  What kind of a hack do you think we will see next?  A tablet in a pop box perhaps?  Share your predictions in the comments!

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laptop pizza box
Pizza Box Laptop


[via That’s Nerdalicious]