Star Trek “Crew” Keyboard and Mouse Set [pic]

There are a LOT of big Star Trek fans out there and it is safe to say that they all need a keyboard and mouse.  Now they can combine that need with their love of Star Trek The Original Series thanks to this awesome Star Trek “Crew” keyboard + mouse pair.  The picture and a description are below but if you want something this cool, you are really going to pay for that privilege.  You can get just the keyboard from the Star Trek store for $59.99 (wired) or $74.99 (wireless).  The mouse will set you back $54.99 and it only comes in wireless.  If you want to buy the pair, the version with the wired keyboard will cost you $109.98 and the wireless version will set you back $124.98.  Personally, as cool as these are, I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for anything less than a high performance gaming keyboard and mouse.  Would you?  let us know in the comments!

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Star Trek Keyboard and Mouse
Star Trek Keyboard and Mouse

The Original Series “Crew” Keyboard
Low profile keys for comfy typing
Numeric 10-Key for number crunching
Easy Plug & Play connection
Mac and PC compatible
Function Keys (Mac & Windows)
Packaged in 40% recycled content presentation box
Dimensions: 18″ x 6.75″ x 0.75″

The Original Series “Crew” Wireless Mouse
Laser Tracking Wireless Mouse
2 buttons + scroll wheel/third button
RF Transmitter for quick, accurate connection.
Easy Plug & Play connection
Mac and PC compatible
Dimensions: 3.25″ x 2.1: x 0.60″
Runs on 1 AAA battery (included) or backup power cord

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5 responses to “Star Trek “Crew” Keyboard and Mouse Set [pic]”

  1. Ned Avatar

    Ned want. (early b’day present) HINT

  2. Ned Avatar

    On second thought, I agree. Way too expensive. nvm

  3. Morely Dotes Avatar
    Morely Dotes

    Sorry, but that mouse is obviously designed by Steve Jobs; it looks great, but it would be painful and frustrating to use. The keyboard is pretty, but come on! It’s a $5 keyboard with added graphics!

  4. Jeremy Bray Avatar
    Jeremy Bray

    Yeah, I think it looks cool but if I am paying that price for a keyboard, it better be something a little better than some $5 piece of crap keyboard.   I’m not even going to comment on the mouse.

  5. Jeremy Bray Avatar
    Jeremy Bray

    It is definitely expensive.  The thing is, I could see paying that price for my next mouse/keyboard combo but the mouse looks really uncomfortable to use and I want a keyboard that doesn’t look like a cheap, $5 piece of junk.

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