R2-D2 Garbage Can Mod [pic]

One of the more mundane tasks that many of us are plagued with is taking out the trash.  As happy as I am to get my garbage as far away from my home as possible, I just can’t get excited about putting my trash can out on the curb every week for my trash to be hauled away.  Well, perhaps if I had an amazing garbage can mod like the R2-D2 garbage can mod below, I might enjoy it a little more.  At least it would be a lot geekier if nothing else and I would enjoy the odd looks I would get by all of the neighbors.  I think you would do a better job of getting along with your neighbors though if you shared some of your R2-D2 cake with them.

Have you done anything cool with your garbage can like the R2-D2 one in the picture below?  Let us know in the comments!

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R2-D2 trash can mod
R2-D2 garbage can mod


[via Neatorama]