Global Geek News Logo Design Contest!

By now, I am sure you all have noticed that Global Geek News has an all new look and we are looking to make it even better yet!  That is why we are holding the Global Geek News Logo Design Contest!

Since my artistic skills consist of ugliest looking stick figures imaginable, I thought what could be better than letting you guys design the new logo for Global Geek News!   Now that you have seen what the new design looks like, we want you to create an awesome new logo for Global Geek News that compliments the new look.  The logo will go in place of where the name Global Geek News currently sits at the top of the page.

What is in it for you?  Thanks to the amazing Luxury Lane Soap, creators of the NES Controller Soap and Portal Companion Cube Soap that we have posted about recently, whoever has their design chosen will get a geeky bar of soap of their choice from Luxury Lane Soap as a token of our appreciation!  You will also be the envy of all of your geeky friends when they see your logo design on our site and on the merchandise available at the Global Geek News online store that you can find a link to at the top of the page!

How will this contest work?  Starting now, you will have until 11:59pm EST May 21, 2011 to submit your entry.  You should e-mail your entry to [email protected].  Once all of the submissions have been gathered, I will post them all on Global Geek News and let our loyal readers choose their favorite design!  Whatever design gets the most votes will be the new logo for Global Geek News!  Warning:  If you guys get together and think you are going to play a joke by all voting for some utter piece of garbage that is bowling shoe ugly, I do have veto power :).  As far as rules go, you guys know what the site is about so tune into it!  Just keep it PG rated!  No naked chicks covering themselves by holding up video cards with the words Global Geek News going around them.  Although if you want to send me pictures like that anyway… use your best judgment 😉  If it becomes apparent that some other rules become necessary, I will update this post and write another post to inform everybody of the rule changes.  Now get to designing something geeky and awesome!

Also, if you make a favicon for the site to go along with the logo design, it would be much appreciated 🙂

Good luck!





2 responses to “Global Geek News Logo Design Contest!”

  1. Kegger Avatar

    ”  Starting now, you will have until 11:59pm EST March 21, 2011 to submit your entry. ”

    March 21st? 😛 

  2. Jeremy Bray Avatar
    Jeremy Bray

    Thanks for catching that!  My 2am proof reading skills aren’t that great.

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