Star Wars cookie cutter set [pics]

I am a big lover of cookies of all kinds (as long as they don’t have nuts) but in my case, it is rare that they ever make it to the oven because I usually prefer just to eat the cookie dough.  Well, for those of you that have the patience required to let cookies get to the actual cookie stage, then you might just want to check out this awesome set of Star Wars cookie cutters!  You can see them all in the pictures below but they look great!  Of course the actual cookie decorating is up to you.  If you are interested in these cookie cutters, you can find them exclusively at Williams-Sonoma for $34.95.  Too bad Star Wars Day was last week, otherwise these would have been perfect for celebrating the day!  At least there is always next year!

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Star Wars Cookie Cutter Set
Star Wars Cookie Cutter Set
Star Wars Cookie Cutter Cookies
Star Wars Cookie Cutter Cookies
More Star Wars Cookie Cutter Cookies

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  1. […] I remember never caring much for the crust on my sandwiches as a kid but I don’t care too much now that I am older.  Well, I know there are a lot of people that still prefer their sandwiches without the crust and they like it even more if their sandwich is shaped like something cool.  If you are one of these people and are a Star Wars fan, than this is your lucky day!  The Star Wars sandwich cutters and tin lunch box pictured below are on sale for $9.99 (regular $19.95) at Williams-Sonoma.  The lunch box is awesome enough but having sandwiches in the shape of TIE Fighters and the Millennium Falcon is amazing.  The cookies in the picture aren’t part of the set but if you like those, we blogged about those awesome Star Wars cookie cutters in the past. […]

  2. […] have posted some Star Wars cookie cutters in the past, but these are focused on droids and aliens.  This Star Wars Droids and Aliens cookie cutter set […]

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