NES Controller soap [pic]

Recently, I posted about some really cool Portal Companion Cube soap and from the makers of that soap comes the amazing NES Controller soap!  If you like to get your geek on while doing something as mundane as washing your hands, then this is the perfect item for you!  For $9.95 plus shipping, this fantastic looking and super geeky soap can be yours from Luxury Lane Soaps!  The only thing that would make this look more real would be a cord hanging out the top of it.  For those that want something more than just an amazing looking bar of soap, it comes scented with a custom, hand blended fragrance combining clean rain, misty greens and hints of fresh ozone.

Pass this along to any NES fans you know, especially if they need motivation to clean themselves!  Like us on Facebook too!

NES controller soap
NES controller soap

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