Mind blowing R2-D2 video game console case mod [pics]

It isn’t too often that I get to use the phrase “mind blowing” but this is definitely one of those times.  I’ve seen some pretty amazing mods for PCs and game consoles over the years but this might be my favorite.  In the pictures below, you will see an R2-D2 cooler turned into the ultimate game console case mod.  Inside of the beloved Star Wars droid, there are 8 video game consoles stuffed in there which you can connect controllers to with R2-D2’s front panels.  If that wasn’t impressive enough, inside the top of the the R2-D2 cooler is a projector and sound system which makes this gaming behemoth about as portable and self contained as it can possibly be.  The one thing that would concern me about this amazing mod would be heat.  Putting consoles and a projector in something that is meant to maintain the temperatures of what it stores, sounds like a recipe for disaster but I would hope that after all of the trouble the person went through to create this, they would have solved that problem.

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R2-D2 game console mod
R2-D2 game console mod
R2-D2 Game Console Mod Inside
R2-D2 Game Console Mod Inside

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