Amazing Serenity Firefly Dress [pic]

Despite having met several of the the actors from the sci-fi series Firefly and have been told repeatedly how awesome the show is, Firefly is still on my list of shows to watch (maybe I will get around to it later this week).  One thing I did realize a couple of weeks ago at the Starfest sci-fi convention was just how much that women loved the show.

Well, if you are one of those women, then this dress is for you!  For $36 at Raygun Robyn, you can pick up this amazing looking Firefly Serenity dress.  I’m not sure I like it as much as the Star Wars opening scroll dress but that might just be because I have no emotional attachment to Firefly yet.  Either way, I still think this dress is really cool!

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Firefly Serenity Dress
Firefly Serenity Dress

[via So Geek Chic]