Klingon Monopoly is coming soon! [pic]

I can’t say I really remember it like I used to, but in the past, I used to be somewhat decent at speaking Klingon.  Yes, I am that big of a nerd.  Anyway, being the lover of Klingon that I am, when I heard that Klingon Monopoly is coming later this year, I just knew I had to share the news!  The quote below from StarTrek.com gives the details about the board game that is set to be released later this year by USAopoly.  The best part is that you can help determine the box design by voting on your favorite one!  The two designs are below and to vote for your favorite, head to this Facebook page, click the image you want and then “like” it.  Qapla’!

Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds. Monopoly: Klingon Collector’s Edition – which will be available later this year from USAopoly – features a bi-lingual game board, with six collectible tokens, and 22 planets and territories ready to be conquered by the Klingons. And pretty much everything has been given a Klingon spin: Boardwalk is Kronos, Park Place is Khitomer, Green properties are Boreth, Ty’Gokor and Krios Prime, and so on. Community Chest is now Combat, Chance is now Honor and if you land on what used to be Luxury Tax, you lose a battle to Starfleet. Oh, and houses are renamed Outposts, while hotels are now Capitals. Game play, of course, will resemble that of the traditional Monopoly, and there will also be a 60-minute speed-play option.

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Klingon Monopoly box options
Klingon Monopoly box options

[via StarTrek.com]