Problems on Global Geek News

Just to let you guys know why things aren’t getting posted like they should, I am experiencing some kind 404 error when I try to save most posts as a draft or publish it.  At this point, I am just hoping I can get this to post.  I’m trying to troubleshoot the issue but I really have no clue what is happening or how to fix it.  I will update you guys as soon as there is something to say.  I recommend following @globalgeeknews on Twitter for the latest updates.  I hope things will be back to normal soon! If you know how to fix this 404 error in WordPress when you go to save a post as a draft or publish a post, please let me know!

UPDATE: I believe I have solved the problems.  I’m not exactly sure what the problem was but apparently one of the plugins I use (not sure which one) decided to muck with the rewrite database entry for creating permalinks.  Things seem to be fine now but if things go wrong again at least I will have an idea of what the problem is.  Thanks for sticking with us through these issues!  Posts will resume shortly!

UPDATE #2: I am still experiencing the issue.  I’m working to find a solution.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE #3: All appears to be fine now.  Apparently it had something to do with some changes my host made to the Apache server.  I guess I spent the last 4 hours pulling my hair out for nothing.  Now posts have started to resume again!