Super Mario Bros Mega Chain Chomp Bean Bag [pic]

Do you love Super Mario Bros so much that you want to have an awesome looking Mega Chain Chomp bean bag to sit on?  Then you are in luck!  You can find the amazing Mega Chain Chomp bean bag pictured below, for sale over on Etsy for just $100.  When you compare that to something like a Luvsac, $100 is a pretty good price!  The one downside is that these are made to order so it apparently takes 4 weeks for your order to ship.  The product description is below followed by a picture of this awesome bean bag!

Pass this along to any Super Mario Bros fans that you know who are looking for something awesome to sit on!  Let us know what you think about this bean bag in the comments!

Your home is not safe from Mario without a chain chomp to guard it!

He comes to approx 70cm (28”) high and wide when fully filled. He is made from heavy duty drill fabric and double stitched and serged to make him leak proof. Chain Chomp’s face is painted on with environmentally friendly solvent-free fabric paint.

The zipper has the zip-pull taken off to make it childproof and so it won’t be accidently opened. To open it, just slip a paper clip where the zip-pull is meant to go.

IMPORTANT: Bean bag does not come filled or else the postage rates would be astronomical! So he is folded and flat packed into a sturdy parcel. Bowser suggests filling him with three or more (500g) bags of polystyrene beans depending on how smooshy or full you want him.

Chain chomp is featured in one of the photos playing guitar hero, but please note that he doesn’t come with a guitar, it was photographed so you can get an idea of his size.

The postage price includes insurance for your and my own peace of mind ^_^

Mega Chain Chomp Bean Bag
Mega Chain Chomp Bean Bag