Code Birthday Cake [pic]

Just when I think I couldn’t possibly find any geekier cakes than what I normally post, I came across this awesome code cake.  Any programmer is likely to love this cake, especially if they like to write code in C/C++.  While I may not be fluent in C/C++, I have enough programming experience to know exactly what is happening here.  For those who aren’t fluent in code, this code is basically taking the birthdate of somebody named Tim and figuring out how old he has turned and it prints out a Happy Birthday message for him.  If it isn’t his birthday, it prints out a message saying it isn’t his birthday.

Pass this along to all of your programmer friends!  Better yet, if you have any programmer friends, make an awesome code cake like this for them!


Code Birthday Cake
Code Birthday Cake

[via ForeverGeek]

3 thoughts on “Code Birthday Cake [pic]

  1. Obviously the programmer failed to consider edge cases. It’ll be hilarious when this code gets used on the kid’s “111st, 112nd, and 113rd” birthday.

  2. Wouldn’t it be far more serious that he never allocates the space that *timeinfo points at.

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