Star Wars Rubber Ducks [pics]

Growing up as a kid, I remember the big thing was having rubber ducks for your bath tub.  I never had one myself but I remember always seeing it on tv, in cartoons and such.  I don’t think the craze exists quite like it once did but it might be coming back for Star Wars fans thanks to these Star Wars themed rubber duckies!

There are 4 types of Star Wars rubber ducks.  There is a stormtrooper rubber duck called Pondtrooper, a Darth Vader rubber duck called Duck Fader, a Luke Skywalker rubber duck called Luke Pondwalker and a Princess Leia rubber duck called Princess Layer.  They run £6.99 each at  The rubber duckies come with a built in LED to light up your bath that has a 45 hour battery life.  Below are some pictures of these awesome rubber ducks!

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Star Wars Rubber Duckies
Star Wars Rubber Duckies
More Star Wars Rubber Duckies

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