AT-AT Walker birthday cake [pic]

Without a doubt, this is probably my favorite Star Wars related birthday cake I have ever seen.  Whoever made this AT-AT Walker birthday cake did an amazing job.  The fact that it is about to be tripped up is pretty funny too!  It brings back memories of some Star Wars game (I forget which one) for the Nintendo 64 where you would fly around trying to tie up the AT-AT Walkers so they would trip and crash.  I wish I remembered what game that is because I would love to play it again.  If you know what it is, let me know in the comments!  Anyway, check out this amazing cake!

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AT-AT Walker cake
AT-AT Walker cake

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3 responses to “AT-AT Walker birthday cake [pic]”

  1. Rad Avatar

    I believe the game you are speaking of is Starwars Shadows of the Empire.

  2. Tishalulle Avatar

    The game you are thinking of was Shadows of the Empire 

    I HATED that damn level! It was hard!

  3. […] Wars AT-AT Walker birthday cake isn’t the most impressive one I have seen or even posted (this one is), but it is still pretty cool!  I would still love to have a piece unless that is sharpie or […]

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