Millennium Falcon Cake [pic]

In keeping with my tradition of posting the geekiest cakes I can find, I decided to post this awesome looking Millennium Falcon birthday cake that I spotted yesterday.  This fits in perfectly with the Millennium Falcon rear car window picture I posted earlier today.  I’m kind of curious how long it took to make this cool looking Star Wars cake.  It definitely looks yummy!  I’d venture to say that with a cake like this, whoever celebrated their birthday had a very happy and geeky birthday.

Do you have any awesome geeky food pictures?  Let us know in the comments below!  We love posting stuff our readers send us!

Millennium Falcon Cake
Millennium Falcon Cake

[via That’s Nerdalicious]



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  1. […] //When it comes to things I never thought I would see, I wouldn’t have even thought about putting a  Millennium Falcon guitar on that list despite the fact that it should probably be there.  Well, some music fan decided to combine his love for the Star Wars  Millennium Falcon and a guitar and came up with this awesome  Millennium Falcon guitar!  Epica could really use one of these for when they play the Imperial March at their concerts (video of one of their performances here).  As for me, since I have no musical talent, I will just stick with the Millennium Falcon cake. […]

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