RROD Xbox 360 annihilated with guns and explosives [video]

I seem to be pretty lucky with my Xbox 360 in that I have never had to deal with a red ring of death.  Actually, it did RROD once but I just restarted it and it has been fine ever since and that was about 4 years ago.  One unlucky Russian guy has just had his 5th Xbox 360 give him the red ring of death so he decided to take out his frustration on it with a couple guns and some explosives.  Lucky for us, he decided to record the destruction and upload it to YouTube!  You can check out the carnage in the video below but I should point out that the guy wasn’t to bright to do this without wearing any eye protection.  Also, should my Xbox 360 ever give up the ghost, it will share a similar fate.

Make sure to share this video with anybody you know that has suffered a dead Xbox 360 because of the red ring of death!