Top 10 reasons to buy the iPad 2 [video]

The world seems to be in a complete frenzy over the iPad 2.  It is reportedly sold out everywhere and online orders appear to be taking 5 weeks for delivery.  Even yours truly is trying to hunt one down.  Well, even David Letterman has jumped on the iPad 2 bandwagon making it the subject of his Top 10 list within the past week.  Below is a video from the Late Show giving the Top 10 reasons to buy the iPad 2.  Normally I don’t find Letterman funny but this isn’t too bad.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons to buy the iPad 2 [video]

  1. And the real #1 reason to buy the iPad2: You need to let everyone know you’e a complete wanker!

  2. I don’t care about having the iPad because it is a status symbol.  If I want to impress people I carry my Kindle around.  That seems to get me a lot of attention.

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