Cool clocks for math geeks [pics]

Not long ago, I posted a really cool shirt for math geeks that you could buy and now somebody has come up with some really cool wall clocks for math geeks.  The first clock is called a Math Pop Quiz wall clock.  Here is a picture with the product description below.  You can buy it from Amazon for $29.38 (as of this writing).

Math Pop Quiz Wall Clock
Math Pop Quiz Wall Clock

Get the conversation going the next time the MENSA meeting is at your place. Made of lightweight black metal with a matte finish Measures 11.5″ diameter Requires 1 AA Battery (not included) Easy-to-hang with “keyhole” opening on the back of the clock Work out the equations to determine the hour Fun and challenging Makes a great gift for your favorite Brainiac !

The next clock is an irrational numbers clock. You can buy it from Bas Bleu for $34.95. The description is below the picture.

Irrational Numbers Wall Clock
Irrational Numbers Wall Clock

On our charmingly quirky wall clock, irrational numbers–those that can’t be represented by simple fractions–replace the usual markings of a traditional clock face. The numbers, though admittedly “irrational,” are logically arranged. For example, pi (3.14159…) is just a few degrees past where a three would normally be. Mathematicians and other numerical whizzes (engineers, accountants…anyone with a fancy calculator) will derive a virtual eternity of laughs from this clever home or office accessory. Black with white details, the 12″-diameter metal clock runs on one AA battery.


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    You had me at Cosine.

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