Battlefield 3 computer [pic]

I love seeing people do something to make their computers stand out from all of the others.  Personally, I have this amazing looking decal on my MacBook Pro.  It seems even the Dice team developing Battlefield 3 like to make their PCs look special.  Below is a picture of a Battlefield 3 themed PC taken from the games booth at GDC.  I’m not sure if it is a decal or what but it is definitely giving me some ideas for what I should do to make my desktop look even cooler.  If the game is like the trailers and anything like Battlefield Bad Company 2, I know I will love it.  From looking at this trailer, I would love to know what the minimum specs for Battlefield 3 are going to be.  I am guessing that it is going to need a fairly powerful PC to run it.


Battlefield 3 PC
Battlefield 3 PC




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