Pong and Centipede wall stickers [pics]

A couple of days ago, I posted a set of really cool Asteroids wall decals to make your wall look like a giant game of Asteroids and now I have come across some Pong and Centipede wall decals that I thought were worth posting.  If you are looking to turn your walls into some old Atari games, ThinkGeek is selling all 3 sets of decals for either $35 or $45.  The Pong decals are only $35 since there aren’t as many stickers to them while Centipede and Asteroids are $45.  Pictures of the Pong and Centipede decals are below in case you might be interested in redecorating a couple of rooms in your house to show off just how big of a vintage video game geek you are.

Atari Centipede Wall Decals
Atari Centipede Wall Decals
Atari Pong Wall Stickers
Atari Pong Wall Decals






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  1. Tree Wall Decals Avatar

    Katazoom made movable, reusable Blik Re-Stik, the Centipede Decal with 8-bit graphics from the original Centipede arcade game.

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