Stunning fan made Zelda sword and shields [pics]

When I saw these amazing Legend of Zelda fan made sword and shield pictures, I knew I had to post them.  These were created by Fiberglass Blades.  I’m not sure how much they cost, but you can buy them from them.  Considering it is the 25th birthday of the Legend of Zelda, posting these felt fitting.  I’m half tempted to order one of the shields for myself depending on the cost.  Here are some of the pictures…

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess ShieldTwilight Princess Master SwordOcarina Master SwordOcarina Master SwordOcarina Hylian ShieldDark Hylian Shield

5 thoughts on “Stunning fan made Zelda sword and shields [pics]

  1. This is so awesome!!!! I never thought anybody would have the actual Hylian shield and a Master sword this is so cool!!! 🙂

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