An Update is Available for Your Computer [comic]

Stickycomics has a cartoon up showing the attitude difference between Windows, Mac and Linux users when it comes to system updates.  The cartoon (below) is funny but I am not sure I agree with all of it.  I will admit that I hate Windows updates just because I don’t like restarting my computer, but I have that same feeling about all systems, not just Windows.  Also, I’ve never had to pay for any updates to my Mac so I am not exactly sure what it is referring to, especially considering major OS releases from Apple are cheaper than Windows.  Anyway, enough about what I think, here is the cartoon.  Let us know in the comments if you agree with the cartoon!


An update is available for your computer
An update is available for your computer


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  1. Felix Kütt Avatar
    Felix Kütt

    From my experience using linux extensively a couple of years ago, you seldom have to restart the computer, if ever.

    Restarting the x serv(the unix/x window display service) is a different matter but that’s basically the equivalent of a log out and back in again, really.

    Also, whilst most if not all OSX updates are free I think the jokes actually on how many(but not most – I recon) small apps/applets that would be free on other OS’s tend to be 5 – 25 $ on the OSX side.

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