Super Mario Bros bathroom theme [pics]

If there is one thing that the world lacks, it is geeky bathrooms.  Luckily, somebody has decided to start the trend of geeking out their bathroom with the help of the famous plumber, Mario.  The pictures below show a small but very cool bathroom themed in Super Mario Bros.  It even includes NES controller shaped soap!  We need more geeky bathroom themes like this!  The only thing that this bathroom is missing is a monitor and a NES set up to play Super Mario Bros while on the toilet.  I have posted a few pictures below but if you want to see all of pictures, head to the image gallery over at imgur.

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Super Mario Bros Bathroom Edition
Super Mario Bros Bathroom Edition
Super Mario Bros Bathroom Edition
Super Mario Bros Bathroom Edition
Super Mario Bros Bathroom Edition
Super Mario Bros Bathroom Edition

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  2. Intent228 Avatar

    WHO IS SHE?!

  3. pcnerd37 Avatar

    I wish I knew.

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