Scary Angry Bird Zombies [pics]

I think one of the biggest appeals to many people is the fairly cutesy look of the various birds and pigs in Angry Birds.  However, some people would prefer them to look a little more blood thirsty.  Tomasz Kaczkowski is one such person.  Tomasz does a lot of illustrations and has now done some called Angry Zombie Birds.  Angry Zombie Birds takes the animals and turns them into zombies that are sure to give kids nightmares for weeks.  Some of the images of these zombie Angry Birds are below and if you want to check out more of his work, you can find it here.

Angry Zombie Birds Group PhotoBlue Angry Bird Zombie

White Angry Bird Zombie

Black Angry Bird Zombie

Yellow Angry Bird Zombie

Red Zombie Angry Bird

[via gameranx]