Sony, the evil PS3 police [cartoon]

I’ve long been outspoken about the idiotic lengths that Sony goes to in attempt to keep people from using Playstation systems how they want but apparently some cartoonist decided to take this to the next level.  The cartoon below shows just how crazy Sony has become and pokes fun at the insanely long update times that are required with a PlayStation 3 system update.  If the PS3 has one major fault, I would definitely say it is the install times for new updates.  Updates for my Xbox 360 usually takes a couple of seconds while the PS3 tends to take at least 30 minutes.

Sony likes to play PS3 police
Sony likes to play PS3 police


2 responses to “Sony, the evil PS3 police [cartoon]”

  1. Icensake Avatar

    The reason PS3 updates take so long is that the PS3 operating sytem has to scan all nearby IP address to try to find the one you are using to download that pirate hack code that would allow you to install Linux, thus making it possible for you to instantly steal billions and billions of games… Wait… Are there any games for the PS3 that are even worth the cost of buying the console in the first place? What idiot thought that was a good idea? Especially knowing that Sony is trying to infect your PC on the same local area network with a rootkit virus, to keep you from copying music and games. See

  2. Guest Avatar

    Lol so true 😀

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