Most humiliating Call of Duty Black Ops kill ever [video]

I’ve dealt out some pretty humiliating kills in FPS games over the years including sniping some people in Battlefield Bad Company 2 out of their helicopters from clear across the map, but I’m not sure I have ever had one quite like this.  The video is pretty self explanatory but for those that want to know what they are in for, this guy in Call of Duty Black Ops gets finished off by a grenade to the nuts.  Its not quite as funny as watching people on Americas Funniest Home Videos get nailed in the crotch but its still pretty good.  I’d say its right up there with the crossbow to the mouth video I posted on Friday.  One of these days I am going to get Call of Duty Black Ops as I hear it is amazing but not until the price drops on Steam.  $60 for a downloaded game is insane when I have seen a boxed copy as cheap as $40 on sale from various retailers since its release.  Enjoy!