Time-lapse: Video game being made in 7 minutes [video]

I didn’t know about the event until now, but apparently there is an annual event called Global Game Jam that takes place every January.  What is Global Game Jam?  Global Game Jam lets developers from around the globe participate in a 48 hour sprint to create the best video game from scratch.  For an event that I have never heard of, it is not very small either.  This year, 6500 people participated at 170 locations across 44 countries to create almost 1500 games!  The video below is one teams game called Benny Lava.   The team of Jimb Esser (programming), James Laird (programming and design) and Nick Duguid (art) worked together during the 48 hour period to create Benny Lava and you can see their work in the time-lapse video below that compresses 48 hours of work into 7 minutes.  It is really amazing what three guys can accomplish in 48 hours!  Check out Global Game Jam to see all of the games and get more information on the annual competition.  Enjoy the video!

[Source: Kotaku]