Programmer protests for Egypt with error handling [funny pic]

The protests in Egypt to get Mubarak out of office have been dominating the news lately and even some programmers are getting in on the protests, with one having a rather geeky protest sign (below).  I found this image shared on Reddit this morning.  I have my doubts about where this demonstrator was protesting considering all of the ads around him but I don’t guess you have to be in Egypt to show your support for the movement.  For the non programmers out there, this is a bit of error handling code.  I love seeing geeky rally signs like this as they always give me a chuckle.  This sign fits in well with the post we had some months ago of geeky signs from the Rally To Restore Sanity in Washington DC.  Anyway, here is the picture.

Egypt protest error handling code
Egypt protest error handling code


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