DIY: Build an arcade machine out of a netbook

For a while now, I have had the idea of turning my basement into a small arcade with a number of old arcade machines, pinball machines and more.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the desire to tackle the mess in my basement and I really don’t have the kind of room I need anyway.  Enter the DIY project Nanocade.

Nanocade is a project that takes a netbook and your skills with tools to create an awesome little MAME cabinet for playing those old classic games like Pac-man.   The creator of this project is looking to come up with a way to sell all of the parts for this project (netbook not included) for under $300 + shipping starting sometime this month.  You can find the 7 page build guide here and lucky for people like me, it has a ton of pictures!  Below is one of those pictures of the final product to spark your interest!  Time for me to get one of my extra netbooks ready to become a nanocade!

Nanocade: Netbook turned arcade cabinet
Nanocade: Netbook turned arcade cabinet


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