Video of games on the Sony NGP (PSP2) [video]

Yesterday morning, Sony announced the next generation PSP with the codename NGP.  Most people are calling it the PSP2 but there is no indication that the new portable gaming device will end up with that name when it comes out by the end of the year.  One audience member at the press conference got about 2 minutes of video footage of games on the NGP showing just how impressive it really is with Sony saying it has as much power as a PS3.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this video officially released by Sony anywhere so you will have to settle for this video although at least it isn’t shaky like most videos such as this.  In the video, a ton of games are shown from Killzone to Resistance and even an Uncharted game running on the device.  I will save my opinions about the device for another post but I figured you guys would be interested in seeing some games on the device and some of the new controls in action.  Enjoy!


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