Amazing volcano eruption videos from Japan’s Mount Kirishima

With all of the news about the changes in the Yellowstone super volcano that has flooded the news in the US lately, many might not realize there is a volcano erupting in Japan right now known as Mount Kirishima.  From what I am told, it is the biggest eruption the volcano has seen since 1959.  I happened to have found a couple of stunning videos of the eruptions on YouTube so I thought I would post them so you guys can enjoy the awesome eruption as well.  The videos are available in 1080p HD if you want to see all of the visual awesomeness these eruption videos have to offer.  If you know any volcano lovers, make sure to send this post along to them as well!  Thanks to Pink Tentacle for the heads up!

If you are in the area of the volcano and happen to catch some photos or video of the eruption, send them our way so we can share them with the world!