Super Mario Bros 3 cake [pic]

Super Mario Bros. 3
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I will admit this isn’t the best looking piece of geek food that I have posted here but it is still a pretty good looking Super Mario Bros. 3 themed cake.  I decided to include the box art from the game for those interested in comparing how closely they came to the original.  Off the top of my head, I can tell that the ears are the wrong color, the buttons shouldn’t have holes in them and the color of the trousers isn’t dark enough.  The black lines on the hand are also missing.  What differences can you spot?

Now I’m not sure if I feel like breaking out my NES to play some classic Super Mario Bros 3 or making a run to the bakery and telling them to make me one of these cakes.  I really need to stop looking at all of these food pictures, they only make me hungry!

Have you had any geeky food to eat lately?  Send us your pics!

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Dorkly for posting this pic!

Super Mario Bros 3 Cake
Super Mario Bros 3 Cake

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