Facebook passes 600 million active user mark

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A couple of days ago, Goldman Sachs put $450 million into Facebook at a $50 billion valuation.  Now, being part owners of the massive social network, they have put an interesting number on paper for Goldman Sachs investors.  According to Business Insider, a new Goldman Sachs document for investors states that Facebook has 600+ million active monthly users.  Thats a lot!

It was only back in July that Facebook hit the 500 million user mark so that is a pretty good growth rate.  Even with 600 million active users, I still don’t think it is worth $50 billion.  Cut that number in half and I think that we are in the right ballpark.  Regardless of what the social network is worth, I would love to see some numbers showing what kind of a bump in users they got from the Facebook movie, The Social Network.

Congrats to Facebook on 600+ million users!  Send some of them our way!

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