Prevent duplicate tabs in Google’s Chrome Browser

I may not be a fan of Google Chrome like many other tech enthusiasts (I am a proud Opera user with Firefox as my fall back browser for when something won’t work), but this extension found by the folks over at Tekzilla is likely to help reduce the headaches of Chrome users.  If you are like me, it is not uncommon to have 50+ tabs open at a time and often have duplicate tabs open because you don’t realize that you already have the page open that you are looking for in another tab.  I am constantly complaining about RAM usage by my browser and this is part of the problem.  The extension called Only One helps prevent this problem by just sending you to the already open tab if you try to visit the same page again in another tab.  Check out the video below and if somebody finds a Firefox or Opera extension that is just like this, pass it along and I will make sure to share it with everybody!


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