Windows Phone 7 passes 5,000 apps while Android hits 200,000

A pair of stories have surfaced today showing the latest app numbers from Windows Phone 7 and Android.

Windows Phone 7 has reportedly now hit 5,000 apps in its marketplace.  The average app cost on WP7 is currently $1.51.  Of those 5,000 apps, over 1,100 are games which is a rather impressive number.  To check out some other stats such as when various milestones were achieved like how many tools are available on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, check out this post.

As for Android, it has now passed 200,000 apps on the Android Marketplace.  That is still around 100,000 less than apple but since most people won’t be surfing through all 200,000 apps, they aren’t really going to notice much of a difference.  All that matters is that there is an app for just about anything these days.  Speaking of apps, Android has now passed 2.5 BILLION app downloads.  That is a really impressive number and gives me some faith in the analysts that say that Android will become the #1 mobile OS by 2014 although I am sure that is largely going to depend on what kind of momentum that Microsoft can get with Windows Phone 7.

What I would really like to see are some numbers on how much developers are making from their apps to know if the average developer is really making any money from their efforts.  If it is like the numbers we shared earlier this month for one Windows Phone 7 developer, I am not impressed.



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  1. Blackberry mobile developer services Avatar
    Blackberry mobile developer services

    IMO, Windows Phone 7 apps are better than Android apps. Windows phone is new in the market and they are generating revenue. I think they will be top phone maker at the end of 2011.

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