Give your apps more resources for better performance [video]

If you are constantly finding yourself looking to squeeze out more performance on the program you are using, this tip might just be for you (assuming you use Windows).  One of the best ways to get more performance on an app that you are using is to adjust the priority of the process in the task manager, but that can be a real pain much of the time if you are having to do it a lot.  The Tekzilla crew has found an application called TopWinPrio from that will do this for your automatically.  This program will automatically adjust the priority for the active program ensuring you get the best performance out of it.  I find that adjusting the priority helps a LOT when doing things like transcoding video as it can shave seconds or even minutes off of a video transcode assuming you are not using the GPU.  Anyway, check out the Tekzilla Daily video below for more details and to find out if this might be the perfect app for you.