Geminid meteor shower tonight, 120 meteors/hr expected

Perseis Meteor Shower
Image by Coconino National Forest via Flickr

For the space loving geeks like myself, I thought I would pass along the info that tonight is the Geminid meteor shower.  It is the best meteor shower this year with around 120 meteors an hour expected.  The peak is expected to be at 6am although there will be plenty of meteors before and after for those that don’t make it outside right at 6am.  The shower is supposed to extend to tomorrow night as well although it won’t be as spectacular for those that don’t get to check it out tonight. has a guide of where to look to best view the shower as it appears to come from the constellation Gemini which is right above Orion.  If you just look west and up you should see it just fine.

Remember, for the best viewing, get away from city lights.  Also, meteors move so fast that a telescope won’t help you so unless you want to check out other things in the sky, leave that at home.  Make sure to bundle up too!