Man builds awesome Star Trek-like home computer [VIDEO]

Being a life long Star Trek fan, I have always wished to have some computers mounted in the walls of my house with the LCARS menu interface.  One awesome Star Trek lover made my dream come true in his house.  Check out this awesome video of this awesome system this guy built by himself with the LCARS menu system for doing everything from creating a grocery list to checking the weather radar and browsing the net.  A complete list of shown features is below the video.

Here is a complete list of what is shown according to the YouTube description.

This is what I built in my home and this video is my own work. Both the computer and the software is self made. The interface is inspired by the LCARS interface from Star Trek.

Shown in this video are:
– Agenda/Calendar
– Shopping list (Groceries)
– Rain radar
– Train departure times (because the train station is nearby)
– Library & Media player (connected to home cinema set)
– Internet browser

Not shown, but also operational is bluetooth support (notice the Transfer button to send the shopping list to your telephone)





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