How to get an invite to the new Facebook Messages

This morning, Facebook announced Facebook Messages.  I won’t go in to too many details but it seems like a system meant to bring email, IM, SMS, and more into a single interface to make it easier to track conversations.  Sounds a bit like Google Wave to me but at least it sounds more thought out than Wave.  Anyway, for those that are interested in an invite, you can request one from here (make sure you are logged in to facebook).  It looks like you can also score an invite by following FBeMail on Twitter.  I have no clue if the invites are first come first serve or if they will be sent out randomly or what so you might be waiting a while to get an invite but at least that is better than waiting for it to get rolled out to everybody.  If you get invited, let us know what you think about the system in the comments!

Thanks to The Next Web for the tips on how to get an invite!