Kinect, Move need large rooms to work properly

Like many people, I have been considering getting the Microsoft Kinect Xbox 360 accesory as well as Sony’s Playstation Move but with the news reported by Kotaku, like many people, I won’t have room for either.

Kinect requires 6-8' of free space
Source: Kotaku

Apparently with the Kinect, you need to have 6-8 feet of open space for it to work.  Single player games apparently only need 6 feet of free space while multiplayer games require 8 feet. Coffee tables can’t be in your way or anything, it needs to be open space according to this images that is supposedly from the Kinect manual.  For most people, myself included, that is way more space than you have available, especially for those that live in apartments.  My gaming setup is in my bedroom and I would be lucky if I can work with 3 feet of free space.  Another interesting fact that may turn some people off is that apparently if you are having problems with the Kinect recognizing your movements, you are recommended to change clothes, an option guests at your gaming party aren’t likely to have.  Between the two, I think this will turn off a lot of potential customers.  While Sony’s Playstation Move doesn’t suffer from the same clothing problems, it still has issues.

Developers say that the Move works best with 8 feet of room between you and the camera.  Supposedly the Move is pretty tolerant as far as distance goes but if you don’t want to worry about control hiccups in our game, you might want to think about building that expansion on your living room.

Check out the post at Kotaku for more information.