Global Geek News Podcast Update

Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up on why a new episode of the podcast didn’t go up today like usual.

Last night, everything was all set up and ready to go when Wesley’s internet went out.  Not knowing when it would return (apparently these outages are becoming common with him), it was decided that I would do the show solo.  I enjoy doing the show solo once in a great while as it reminds me of the early days of the podcast so I had no problem with it.  Well, I had about half the show recorded when mentally I started to lose focus on the show just went completely down the tubes, not that I was having an awesome show to begin with.  At that point, I decided to trash everything and try again another night.

I would have done the show tonight but I was way too tired to do it so with any luck, I will get the show recorded Wednesday night and up on Thursday morning.  If that doesn’t happen, then we will just be back next week like usual and we will just call this week a vacation due to the holiday.

Apologies for not having the show up but I felt that if I couldn’t do a good show, I shouldn’t do a show this week.  I will give it one more shot tomorrow night and I will let you guys know how it goes so you know if you will get a show this week.  Speaking of the show, later this week I will posting a request for feedback about the show.  Every so often, I like to get feedback from the audience about the show so keep an eye out for that post as we really need your feedback!