Sony: Mod chip in your PS3? No PSN for you! Banned!

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Console (250GB Model)
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Did you get excited at the news that a $153 mod chip for the PS3 would let you back up your games?  Sony has decided to burst your bubble.

While I am not going to risk my own console to confirm this, Sony is reportedly banning people for using the USB Mod chip to backup games.  Apparently when the Playstation 3 logs into the Playstation Network, it is given the error 8002A227 and then banned from the PSN entirely.

This mod seems to be easily detectable by Sony and not worth having if you risk getting banned from the network ($153 seems a bit steep as well).  Getting banned from the network isn’t the worst thing in the world (I don’t have access to it because I refuse to upgrade my firmware and lose my Linux install), but you will lose access to cool features like the Playstation Store, Playstation Home, and online multiplayer for your games.