No more ads on Global Geek News!

After much consideration, I have decided to try an experiment with how Global Geek News makes money.  Since I am not making but pennies from Google’s Adsense, I have decided it is time to get rid of Adsense and go 100% reader/listener supported.  While I have made back some of what I have spent on this site with Adsense, it is nowhere near what I have spent on the site and it takes so long to make anything, I have decided that if the fans enjoy our content enough to support us financially, it is not worth keeping the ads around.

I think not having the ads will give everybody a better experience with the site which is what I am always aiming for.  If it ever come to the point where serving the user in the best way possible is not the #1 goal of this site, that will be an indication it is time for Global Geek News to go away.

Like I mentioned a moment ago, Global Geek News is now 100% supported by YOU!  I love keeping this site going but it is a major money pit for me.  I have spent hundreds of dollars to keep the site running over the past 4 years and I am having a hard time coming up with money to keep the site going.  That is one of the reason I have dropped many Global Geek News related domains I have never done anything with but had plans for.  So from now on, the future of this site will rely on your financial support.  How can you support us?  I’m glad you asked!

There are two major ways to support us, with donations or by buying Global Geek News merchandise.  There are two options for those interested in donations.  You can make a one time donation with our donation page, or you can subscribe for $5/mo with the paypal button below.  If you enjoy the regular content we produce, we highly encourage you to sign up for the $5/mo plan as it is a great way to show your continuing support and appreciation for our work.  Also, if you choose to do the one time donation and donate more than $100, we will send you a free Global Geek News shirt!  You can also show your support by purchasing Global Geek News merchandise.  We offer everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs and all for a reasonable price!  Personally, I have found that the best way to spread the word about a podcast or website that I love is by wearing one of their shirts as people always comment about what my clothing says.

Like I said, this is an experiment so if it doesn’t yield positive results, I will put ads back on the site so I can at least make a few pennies.  I have decided to let the experiment run until October 1st.  At that time, I will decide whether or not ads should be put back on the site.  I have faith that you guys will come through for me so I don’t expect that to happen but unfortunately my crystal ball is broken so I have no clue what is going to happen.  Enjoy the ad-free experience!