Motorola i1 Android phone rooted

As somebody who plans on getting the Android based Motorola i1 next week, I found this news exciting enough that I thought I would pass it along.  Since I don’t have my i1 yet, I can’t verify this for myself, but the Motorola i1 has supposedly been rooted.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Birdman, the Android user over at the AllDroid forums that was responsible for rooting the Droid X has modified his Droid X root work to be able to root the Motorola i1.  At this point, rooting the i1 or even the Droid X isn’t going to get you too much.  As of right now, you will only have su (super user) access and be able to do wifi tethering.  You aren’t able to run mods or anything at this time so unless you really need either of those two things, I don’t recommend rooting.

Rooting also comes with a fair bit of risk.  I have yet to see any way to unroot the Droid X or the i1 so once you root it, you might be stuck with a rooted device.  I am also uncertain whether this will void your warranty.  The biggest issue in my mind is that with the device rooted, you may not be able to update to officially released updates down the road.  So unless you are looking for geek cred, now is probably not a good time to root either device until we have answers to these questions.  Also, from the looks of the forum responses, many people are having issues rooting the Droid X which I assume will be the case with the i1 since the instructions are a slight modification of the Droid X instructions.

If you are still interested in rooting your i1, here are the instructions for how to do it (warning: command line skills required)

Here are the instructions for the Droid X.

Root at your own risk!  If you do root your phone, tell us about it in the comments!